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From: Jon Himus
Subject: Fats Guys ArseFAT GUYS ASS
By JonHNOTE: When I write I use pics I've found. If you wanna see em' send me an
e-mail at:
(mention the title of the story or it's hard to respond to your request).
I love fuckin' fat guys up the arse.Before ya' get too many idea's about me I'll tell you this; I've got a
girlfriend, we fuck, we fuck alot but theirs one thing, one place I mean
where she won't let me go and that's her arse. I'm a faithful guy, maybe
I'm kidding myself but the way I see it if I fuck with guys thetas not
really being unfaithful, it's just gettin' what I need. I mean one day she
might come through but you know, maybe we'll see. And I only ever fuck fat
guys arses and the reason is preteen lolita bbs sites that they're arses can be kinda womanly, you
know, big and round n' all that shit. I like the way you can get a nice
big handful of arse, really squeeze it and flap it around.In the past I've had cop trouble, so right now I'm tryin' to you know,
reestablish myself in society like they say. So I've got a courier job,
the pays shit, the hours are long but I get to use the van out of hours vlad russian loli models so
I'm not complaining.It was gettin' late when I drove up to this toilet block I usually score
at. The sound of the gravel crackling' under my tyres always gets me in
the mood. preteen lolita bbs sites
I sat in the car a couple of minutes until my hardon got down to
a size I could hide. These toilets are in this real small park and across
the road are alot of flats so I gotta be careful but I can read things
pretty good so it's usually cool.Luckily I was wearin' baggy black jeans so what I had down front didn't
show to much when I entered. free lolita galleries pics Nobody was at the trough or the basins, first
off I thought I'd struck out then I noticed a cubicle door was shut. The
light was real dim but when I looked under the door I could see two pairs
of feet. Not wanting loli photo blog nude to fuck around I pushed at the door, some queers hate
to be interrupted and get all fuckin' indignant when I do this like I've
invaded their bedroom or somethin' but most times it's OK. It's because I
look OK, well regular anyhow, I'm 27, just under 6 foot, the muscles I
built up when I was in trouble with the cops have gone abit soft from
sittin' on my arse all day but I'm good, they like it anyhow.The guy standin' up looked shit scarred when I stuck my face around the
door. He was this skinny lookin' Spanish kid gettin' a blow job from a guy
sittin' on the toilet, he musta come from work coz me had on trousers and a
shirt and tie, like I say he was skinny, not what I was after. At first I
was gonna leave but then I saw who was suckin' him off. Sittin' on the
toilet seat was this fat pale looking bloke around my age. The only sound
in the place was the 'glock, glock' sound of him suckin' on the kids cock,
he was a good cock sucker for sure but it was his arse I liked. He had the
toilet seat down so I could see his chubby, white arse cheeks all hairless
and fuckable.I pulled my cock out of my jeans fly and started getting it primed and
ready for this arse, I made sure he got an eyeful of it and as soon as he
saw it he reached up and grabbed it not missing a beat with the cock
sucking. I couldn't see the whole of the fat guys face coz he had a cap on
but I saw those lips sliding up and down the kids cock. I like my cock,
it's not huge, maybe 7 and half inches when real hard but it's got a nice
cut shape about it. He musta liked it coz be pulls his mouth off the kids
and dives onto mine. The kid was kinda funny lookin' with these big ears
but man he had a decent cock on him, when it slid out of the guys mouth it
just kept on comin'. It was huge.The guys mouth was full of spit and the kids cock juice, real wet and
slobbery just how girls i love lolicon
I liked it done. The kid still looked real nervous and
unsure how to take this extra guy in the cubicle but I leaned into his ear
and asked if he wanted to fuck the guys arse aswell and he nodded real
definite.I leaned over to the fat guys ear and said we both wanted to fuck his arse.
He stopped wanking himself off for a second and let my cock out of his
mouth. He had real wet cock sucker lips and his throat musta been full of
juice coz he coughed out a 'yes'.I was about to lift him into position when he pulled up his track pants and
wiping his mouth said 'not here, I gotta place, C'mon'.Pushing through the two of us he left the cubicle, me and the kid both
stuffed our cocks back into our trousers and went out to follow him. We
moved fast as neither one of us had plans to lose this bloke.Leaving the cubicle I noticed the fat guy was on his phone, at first I
couldn't figure out what was goin' on then he just said he had to warn his
partner that he was bringin' home company.He lived in one of the flats across from the park so we were their in under
five minutes. It was a gay lookin' flat, like they really spent alot of
time making it look tasteful and trendy. Gays never had just a plain light
on it was always some flash lookin' lamp.The guy lead me and the kid into the living room and I tell you, I'd struck
gold. Not only did we have the fat guy in the track suit but their was
another blonde fatty sittin' on a chair, he woulda been late twenties, he
looked like the kinda guy that loved to take it, he was wearing jewelry so
I knew he'd probably want it up the arse. On the other side of the room
was even chubbier Puerto Rican lookin' guy, younger, maybe early twenties
he looked abit hard except the way he lay back on the couch gave him away.Me and the kid just stood there. He was so fuckin' nervous that he was
sweatin' but I noticed his cock was still stiff in his trousers.The guy in the tracksuit introduced himself as Greg, he said the blondes
name but I didn't hear it and the Puerto Rican's name was Sam I think.
They all looked at us waiting for us to say our names, the kid mumbled
somethin' no one heard but me I wasn't there to meet new people I was there
to fuck arse. Without a word I took off my shoes, shirt, boxers and
trousers and stood in the middle of the room slowly pulling at my growing
shaft. they all looked as shocked as hell but I wasn't there to waste time
so I went straight to the guy Sam and shoved my cock in his mouth.The kid by now had got undressed, man he had a big cock, and ol' Greg was
back down on his knee's suckin' that young shaft like a pro. The blonde
meanwhile gave up on his shock and pulled his own trousers off and started
pumping at his shaft.Sam knew how to suck cock, lapping at my balls first he worked his way
along the shaft until it disappeared between his lips into the hot oral
cavity I like to warm up on. I held his greasy hair in my hands and pumped
into his face, I could feel the scratching of the bum fluff above his lips.
Then not taking his mouth off my cock he pulled his own trousers down
revealing nice thick hairy legs under one hell of a hot brown arse, covered
with hair it still had the round flabby shape I loved to impale.What happened to the kids shyness I didn't know, I turn around and Greg's
kneeling on a chair, his track suit pants are pulled down and the kids got
his face shoved in between the two fat white arse cheeks licking his arse!!He then pulls his face out of the arse crack and pulls the two cheeks apart
to show me the wet, spit slathered hole. I didn't need to be asked twice,
crossing the room I let the kid suck my cock to get it wet, then spitting a
couple of time on my shaft I entered the fat arse, not before having a good
squeeze and squash of the white flabby skin. Man, those arse lips opened
like a sluts, my whole cock slid right in there up to my balls and the way
he clenched his arse muscles was pure fuckin' heavin'. Once my balls
nestled nicely in his crack I started the pound, slow at first then
buildin' up speed. I had to hold those white rolls of fat around his
stomach to keep him from pushing forward, I hammered that arse and he
groaned and whined non nude japanese lolicon like a stuck pig.I yelled loud when I felt my own arse cheeks being pulled apart, "fuck
off", no one dicks me, I'm not into that no way. I was gonna turn around
when I felt the rasp of Sam's tongue sliding up my crack. All day sweatin'
in my truck, I'd taken a dump at midday but now Sam was lapping like a
whore at my crack. What it tasted like, what it looked like I didn't know
but he was lovin' it and I wasn't gonna complain.By now the kid had his face in the blondes arse, all the while he was
pounding on that cock of his. He loved arse that kid. The blonde had
spread his legs real wide so the kid woulda been gettin' a hell of a strong
taste of whatever was there.I pulled my cock out of Greg's arse and holding the greasy shaft between my
fingers turned and to look vlad russian loli models
at Sam's drooling mouth."Show us ya' arse"Sam knelt down on the floor and I mounted his doggy style, finding the hole
was hard, with fat arses it can be a hard one but my cock knew what it was
looking for. Pushing my rock hard cock head against the shaft I soon found
it. Dark and twitching I didn't care what I was plowing, with a grunt that
got him sliding on his knee's I rammed it up him. Balancing on one arm I
then started to hammer that fat arse Hispanic.The spit on my crack hadn't dried before Greg was digging in there with his
tongue, fuck it was good, I never wanna' taste a guys arse but man I'd sit
on a face for hours if I could.I was gettin' close so I thought I better pull outta this dark arse Sam and
get my dick up the blondes lolitas portal the best
arse. I was gonna fuck em' all.Luckily the kid heard me when I told him to come over. His face smelt like
a fuckin' arse when he pulled outta the blonde but his cock was showin'
love for it. I don't normally touch guys cocks but this kid was OK, so a
grabbed his shaft and prodded around Sam's arse until I found the hole
again. Then grabbin' the kids tight arse cheeks I helped guide him in.
Sam really freaked when he felt the size of the kids cock, it was way
bigger than mine but gripping hard on the floor rug and stifled his pain
until the kids shaft was well home.The blonde didn't even need to close his legs, with Greg's slobbering mouth
following my hole across the room I pushed the legs even further apart, my
middle finger found the quivering little hole in seconds, man the kid got
it wet. So with a one, two three I sunk into the preteen lolita bbs sites
blondes guts. He lolitas portal the best threw
his head back like a bitch and gasped in pleasure. The blondes brown arse
ring really dug into the side of my shaft he wasn't as loose as Greg or Sam
but he made no effort to escape. Soon my hips got that humping rhythm
going and the blondes legs started sweatin' good.The slapping of my balls on fat arse cheeks disappeared as they shrunk up.
I was close.The first loud sound came outta the kids lips as he groaned when he blew
deep up Sam's hole. Sam spun on the rug and pounded his own cock and the
kids and dropped his head to the floor as the kids body was coated in cum.The warm wet splash of cum on my calf's told me that the arse suckin' Greg
had blown a load on my leg and when the blonde started panting and
breathing like crazy I wasn't surprised to see his cock spitin' out cum,
with a wrench of my own shaft from his chute I soon felt the electric shock
of jizz shooting up my cock, flyin' high into the air the blonde copped
some on his sweating gasping face as with barely a touch from my hand I
blew like a bastard.THE END
NOTE: When I write I use pics I've found. If you wanna see em' send me an
e-mail at:
(mention the title of the story or it's hard to respond to your request).
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